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I know I’m late with this post, but better late than never!  With everything happening right now, it only made sense to bring to light my 2017 New Years Resolutions. I’ve always felt like it was silly to wait for the beginning of the year to make a change in your life, but 2018 is the year of changes, so keep reading if you want to know my six resolutions!

  1. Don’t take anything for granted!
    This is my most important resolution. We’re so busy with our schedules that we forget to cherish the small things, and the important.

    This means taking better care of your body.
    Drink your water, and take those vitamins. And don’t forget to do your skin routine and make sure you fully take off your makeup.

    Take better care of your things

    Wash your car and makeup brushes more often. Clear the insides of your handbags more often.

    Tell your loved ones they’re appreciated.
    Call your friends more often just to tell them you appreciate their friendship. Go to brunch, or set up monthly catch up-dates!

  2. Declutter EVERYTHING.
    I wanted to come into 2018 with a clear mindset. Having a positive mindset truly helped me get through 2017. 2018 is going to be the year to start off with everything fresh.

    Come into the new year with a positive mindset. Get rid of all the negative things you’ve been telling yourself or someone else is telling you. Embrace your flaws and strengths. Love yourself.

    Get rid of your toxic friends
    Toxic friends will bring you no where in life. If you feel like your friendship is a competition, then DROP THEM. They are not your friend, and you don’t need to owe an explanation to anyone.

    Reorganize your wardrobe
    Go through your entire closet and donate all those pieces you no longer wear or those pieces you say you’re going to wear, but never end up wearing. (So me.) Don’t you want to open your drawers and have the shirt you were thinking of putting on be right there on top? Throw away old jewelry or makeup that’s been sitting there collecting dust.

    Declutter your home
    Go through your home and throw away everything you don’t need that’s taking up space. Go through your pantry and throw away old spices and old candy. (When you think about it, it will only cost you that much amount of money to get it back). Throw away old face creams that never worked out for you and clear out your medicine cabinet!

  3. Set realistic goals
    Being the ambitious beings that we are, we tend to set goals when we’re really amped up about new year. Remember, slow progress is still progress. Don’t tell yourself that you’re going to the gym everyday. Instead, tell yourself that you’re going to be there 3 days out of the week, and then you can work up to your goal! It’ll be much easier that way, and definitely won’t be discouraging if you decide to skip a day.
  4. Challenge yourself more
    Take on more chores around the house, and pick up more responsibilities. Actually take your dog on a walk this time, like you said you were going to do. Do what you want to do, that you’re scared of doing. Go skydive or touch a stingray! 
  5. Be judgement free
    You really get to see the beauty in things when you look at things from a judgement free point of view. People are the way they are because something happened to them, and they decided to cope with it a certain way. Seniors might have a  tendency to complain so much because they’re enduring some type of pain. Just be nice to people.

  6. Stop the hate
    I actually learned this life lesson from one of my professors, Dr. Drew. People are so ready to attack someone else these days just because their way of thinking is different from theirs. What if someone disagrees with you? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Is their way necessarily wrong because it differentiates with you? Just stop the hate.

Anyways, those are my 2018 New Years Resolutions. I started to rant at the end, but I had to put it out there. Thanks for reading again!

Jane xoxo

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